Copper Chef Shares 3 Great Uses for Pumpkins

Stop right there. If you’re looking for a pumpkin pie recipe, you’re in the wrong place. As delicious as pumpkin pies are and fun to make in your Copper Chef, this blog isn’t for that. This blog post is dedicated to exploring a few different uses for the fall time favorite pumpkin that doesn’t involve making pies.

As much as we love pumpkin pie, we can name a few other uses for the fruit (or vegetable depending on who you ask). In the United States, pumpkins are one of the most popular crops produced, roughly bringing in 1.5 billion pounds produced a year. With so many pumpkins produced, it makes sense why there are so many different ways to use this bigtime crop.

From beauty products to soups, Copper Chef reviews different ways you can use pumpkins.

Pumpkin Body Butter
Having good, healthy skin is on everyone’s checklist. We’re all looking for products that help bring out the shine and remove the dirt from our skin. Cleanliness 101. Well, if you have a little pumpkin, coconut milk, and cinnamon, you can create a luxurious body butter for your skin. Nothing says “It’s fall” better than a pumpkin and cinnamon mixture. You’ll look as good as you smell.

Floating Pumpkin Candle
Another great use that Copper Chef reviews is the floating pumpkin candle. This is great for discarding pumpkins, whether you have old pumpkins or too many pumpkins to handle. Use the outside of the pumpkin and carve out shapes. Place candle wicks in the middle of your shape, and place in a decorative bowl of water. These make great centerpieces for dinner tables and or hallways.

Pumpkin Soup
Who doesn’t enjoy a nice bowl of soup during the cold months of fall? As the weather gets colder, the food gets hotter. Incorporate your leftover pumpkins into a nice pureed soup, seasoned with some of your favorite fall spices. For an extra special kick, try curry and red pepper to add some heat.

At Copper Chef, we believe in letting your imagination run wild with. The possibilities with pumpkins are endless but just chose to share a few to give you an idea. We hope you will enjoy these 3 aforementioned great uses for pumpkins that Copper Chef review. What are some other ways in which you use pumpkins? Feel free to share below.


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