Copper Chef Shows You How to Build a Smart Start Kitchen with the Right Tools

Any good chef will tell you they are only as good as the tools in their kitchen. This is fact. A family recipe can turn from a desired dish to a disaster all because you didn’t have the proper cookware set and tools to make it happen. It is true, practice makes perfect in the kitchen, but as with anything-sports, instruments, art- you need the right tools to ensure that you can get the job done.

Many kitchens are a hodge-podge of cookware sets, prep tools, and appliances. While you may be comfortable with some of the tools you use, it’s quite possible your tools aren’t up to the standard that you are expecting. Whether you’re looking to replace existing tools or start fresh, this list that Copper Chef reviews is meant to help get you on the right track.

Prep Tools
High-end appliances are great. But if you’re not prepping your food properly, you may think you have a smooth potato puree and will ultimately end up with potato chunks throughout the mixture. You want peelers that actually peel and can openers that don’t require nuclear launch codes to open the lid. Prepping is an important step in cooking and sets the tone for how the rest of the meal will cook. If you don’t enjoy the prep, you won’t enjoy cooking.

Cookware Sets
A good cookware set is essential to the kitchen. You want the right pots, pans, and all of the pieces to accommodate every type of meal you can make. It’s recommended that you start with a skillet, 4-quart saucepan, sauté pan, and a sheet, pasta pot, and a nonstick pan. Many of these pieces can be found within the Copper Chef cookware line. These cookware set pieces are your most practical and can get you started with 90% of the foods you need to make. Eventually, you can add in other items like woks, stove top grills, steamers, and much more as you get used to cooking or find the need for them.

And finally, no kitchen is complete without the right tools. Just like shoes and jewelry are essential to an outfit, so are tongs and serving utensils essential to the kitchen. Accessories are the small odds and ends that help make the job a little easier. You want good accessories as they are used often, so you want them to last. Good accessories include lids, Pyrex cups, whisks, wooden spoons, and much more.

With this list from Copper Chef, you’ll be able to stock your kitchen like the pros and start cooking like one too.


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